The Melting Pot, NYC

Living in New York for over two years, I've witnessed and experienced a lot of things yet the diversity and its ability to co-mingle with each other were something I will never forget. As you might know, New York is seen as a "melting pot" of different cultures, races, and identities. People accept and respect each others' differences and that's what makes the city well-mixed, modern and trendy. I would say I spend most of my time walking around the city and I would spot businessmen, skateboarders, construction workers, artists, city runners, and tourists. The fact that/ you can witness all that on the same block in the city really inspired me to transform the scene into a collection. 
   In this collection, I picked out/the silhouettes and details from the items you would easily see in New York such as classic suits, work wear, streetwear, and raincoats. I've mainly incorporated street tailoring into the collection in order to show the versatility of diversity. I personally think monotone describes the city the best so I chose black, white and grey hues.  In addition to that, stiffness and straightness represent the tall buildings in the city. and I chose stripes and grid prints. As New York is open for every gender identities, races and cultures, I simply wanted to make a collection just like the city itself. Anyone would be able to wear any of the looks in the collection regardless of genders, cultures and races. 
  I tried to go against the way that certain silhouette needs to be matched with this certain kind of fabric thus the 10 looks are mix & match with different silhouettes and fabrics from each concept(item). Also, the styling was done to show the casualness and sportiness, instead of showing the classic mood of shirts or coats. All of these can describe NewYorkers who are consistently getting bored of obvious and repetitive styles.  

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