“ Self-acceptance is an effective tool when we are faced with life’s pressures. ”Self-acceptance is an individual's satisfaction or happiness with oneself, and is thought to be necessary for good mental health. It involves self-understanding, a realistic, albeit subjective, awareness of one's strengths and weaknesses. It results in an individual's feeling about oneself, that they are of "unique worth".We ought to take time to go over our lives. As we get even more weary of city life and constantly get surrounded by pressure from it, we try harder to get out of the situation. Some people tend to leave the city life behind and head for the nature. They are longing for the serenity and the ambiance that the unchanging nature provides. The message that everyone needs to take some time to revisit our lives to accept yourself and the reality, is what I wanted to portray in this s/s 19 collection.
   -The color palette for this collection is derived from the nature such as grass and water.  Basic items with minimal details such as t-shirt, shirt, shorts and chinos, and printed fabric such as leaf motifs, bold stripes and plaid make up the collection. Also, to emphasize the naturalness or distressing, garment-washing was done to the garments. 

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