The 'I' Voice Is Central
" To clarify and remind you about what Romanticism is, it is something that admires subjectivity rather than objectivity, emotion more than intelligence, respects personality, insists interpretation of self, and emotionally frees up against rationalism and aspires to infinite as imagined it has. It seems to me that the way of life youths and young trendsetters in current society strive to be in, is very similar to the life of people in the era of romanticism. They desire to escape from reality and rationality, and to be in their bubble full of fantasy. " 
  " In homage to the early 19th century's romanticism that was formal and dressed up, I recreated it into a more free and youthful collection. Keeping the old silhouettes and tailored style and reflecting the modern youth's lifestyle, casual and wearable mood is emphasized. When I  imagined about how young people in this era would wear classic clothing from Romanticism, I thought of over-sized shirt and extra long sleeves but with shorter pants and fitted jacket, youthful silhouette is shown and I recreated the long strap scarf into less bold and thinner to match the modern trend. " 

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